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Last week the DPIRD grains senior leadership team (SLT) toured farms and facilities through Esperance, meeting with staff and farmers during one of its busiest times of year.

With harvest moving into full swing, the region is at the forefront of collaboration, with grower groups, DPIRD staff and grains SLT working together to get optimal results.

Local farmer and South East Premium Wheat Growers Association (SEPWA) chairman, Daniel Sanderson, has held DPIRD trial sites on his Esperance property for the past 20 years and said the DPIRD team continued to shed light on what works and what doesn’t in the region.

“We had input from Jeremy Lemon, who retired from DPIRD last year, from when I first started farming 30 years ago,” Daniel said.

These days, Daniel said he worked closely with DPIRD research scientists Mark Seymour and Jeremy Curry to determine what to grow and how to grow it.

“The beauty of this area here is that we always seem to be at the forefront of ideas and always pushing for answers and DPIRD has been one of the solutions to finding those answers,” Daniel said.

DPIRD Grains director Kerry Regan said she was thrilled to see Esperance thriving as a result of collaboration and innovation.