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Grower Group Resources

Access to some of resources is restricted to GGA Grower Group Member organisations:

ProcessWorx Human Resources Template Pack

Access to this section of resources is restricted to GGA Grower Group Member organisations via email request

Templates developed by HR Firm ProcessWorx

    • 1_Template – Position Description (210817)
    • 2_Employment Application Form (210817)
    • 3_Interview Assessment Form (210817)
    • 4_Referee Checklist Form (210817)
    • 5_Employment Contract – Award Free (Casual) (210406)
    • 6_Employment Contract – Award Free (210406)
    • 7_New Employee Details Form (210813)
    • 8_Change of Employee Details Form (210813)
    • 9_Induction Checklist 210813
    • 10_Uniform & Equipment Agreement 210813
    • 11_Template – Timesheet Form 210813
    • 12_Template – Performance Appraisal Form 210813
    • 13_Expense Reimbursement Form 210813
    • 14_Mileage Claim Form 210813
    • 15_Application for Leave Form 210813
    • 16_Training Request Form 210813
    • 17_Template – Employee Training Record 210813
    • 18_Template – Medical Consent 210813
    • 19_Workers’ Compensation Claim Form (WA)
    • 20_Return to Work Program Form 210813
    • 21_Grievance Complaint Form 210813
    • 22_Letter – Unsuccessful Applicant 210817
    • 23_Letter – Termination Unsuccessful Probation 210817
    • 24_Letter – Termination with Notice 210817
    • 25_Letter – Termination Summary Dismissal 210817
    • 26_Letter – Termination Redundancy 210817

Grower Group HR Health Check & Support Package

Access to this support package is restricted to GGA Grower Group Member organisations via email request

Human Resource Health Check (40 minute telephone session)
Part 1 |ProcessWorx to conduct a health check assessment call (questionnaire method) to determine current human resource compliance and capacity building focus:

  • Industrial Relations Jurisdiction
  • National Employment Standards
  • Award Status
  • Employee status
  • Pay rates
  • Employment contracts
  • Induction
  • Policies and procedures

Part 2 | Template Use Coaching
ProcessWorx to provide coaching on adapting the GGA ProcessWorx employment contracts, policies, procedures, forms and templates.

Part 3| Follow-up
Coaching action list provided to the Grower Group on housekeeping / compliance areas following the evaluation.

HR Helpline Support (20 minutes of calls)
Part 4 |Grower Groups access the ProcessWorx Help Line for up to 20 minutes of coaching calls through to June 30, 2022 for assistance with any human resource issues they are facing.


POA  enquiries to



Salary Benchmarking


Benchmarking Report Access  
1 |WA Communications Officer & Project Officer Salary Study (ProcessWorks Sept’21) GGA Network
2 | External WA CEO & EO Salary Study (ProcessWorks Sept ’21) Grower Group Member Chair
3 | Internal GGA Grower Group Salary Survey
(GGA Feb ’21)
GGA Network 

 Email Kallista Bolton to request a copy at

    Project Costing Excel Template

    Restricted to Grower Group Members on request to

    Grower Groups Benchmark & Build Tool
    • Access exclusive to Grower Group members. Under development now: 
      • Phase 1 – Pilot test has been completed during July – October 2021 with three Grower Groups to build the diagnostic tool. 
      • Phase 2 is underway with data collection being expanded to a dozen Grower Groups to more rigorously test the data capture process and obtain enough data to develop a digital app able to real time present the benchmarking data in a meaningful way.
      • Once app developed it will be housed in a secure location accessible for the wider grower group network to engage with and consolidate WA benchmarking data.
    Supplier Directory
    • Coming in 2022