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2021 Frost ID ‘Pop-Up’ Field Walks

Following frost events in the 2021 season a number of frost pop up field walks were run to assist growers to assess frost damage and inform response and product strategy decisions moving forward.

15 September 2021, 10am at Bencubbin, 3pm at Nungarin | Host group MADFIG
30 September 2021, in Yilgarn area | Host group FEAR

2021 Pre-seeding workshops

In the 2021 season, growers were supported with a series of pre-seeding workshops/presentations hosted by grower groups in 9 regional locations. The latest research and strategies to minimise the impact of frost on profit was presented and participants had the opportunity to develop their own personal 2021 frost management plan with input and guidance from experts attending.

Frost workshop insights here.