DPIRD Grains Industry Day 2022

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DPIRD Grains Industry Day 2022

The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) Grains Industry Day was an interactive forum to hear from DPIRD’s leading researchers and discuss challenges from the 2022 season.

In the videos below you’ll hear from leading DPIRD researchers, providing their latest research outcomes.

Emissions and Agriculture – opportunities to engage, measure and reduce

DPIRD Research Scientist Jackie Bucat
21 mins

Surveillance and management of major crop diseases in WA, including net form net blotch

DPIRD Research Scientist Andrea Hills
19 mins

New wheat releases and fit of varieties

DPIRD Research Scientist, Brenda Shackley
13 mins

Barley and oat variety options for 2023

DPIRD Research Scientist, Blakely Paynter
19 mins

Amelioration – where do the weed seeds go?

DPIRD Research Scientist Dr Catherine Borger
13 mins

Wheat phenology classes and their implications in variety matching to environments

DPIRD Research Scientist Dr Dion Nicol
20 mins

Glyphosate alternatives for caltrop and Afghan melon control

DPIRD Research Scientist Harmohinder Dhammu
8 mins

Soil reengineering redefines yield potential

DPIRD Research Scientist and Project Manager Dr Gaus Azam
34 mins

What’s new in DPIRD decision support tools

DPIRD Senior Research Scientists Jean Galloway
10 mins

Will oats transform from a Cinderella crop to the belle of the grains ball?

DPIRD Project Manager, Kirsty Lawson
12 mins

Electric weed control

DPIRD Research Scientist Miranda Slaven
4 mins

Deep soil tillage improves soil biology

DPIRD Nematologist Dr Sarah Collins
25 mins

Alternative legume pastures: how they benefit WA cropping and what’s on the horizon

DPIRD Senior Researcher Dr Ron Yates
21 mins

Surveillance update for Native Budworm, DBM and RLEM

DPIRD Research Scientist Svetlana Micic
19 mins

Crop establishment post soil amelioration

DPIRD Research Scientist Dr Stephen Davies
18 mins