DPIRD Grains Industry Day 2023

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DPIRD Grains Industry Day 2023

The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) Grains Industry Day heard from speakers to discuss the latest advances spanning genetic improvements, integrated pest management, farming systems, carbon neutrality, herbicide efficiency and dry season management. 

What’s in the pipeline for new genetic traits and innovations for rapid identification of issues

DPIRD Research Scientist, Sharon Westcott



Remote monitoring of pitfall traps

DPIRD Research Scientist, Christiaan Valentine



Innovations for rapid identification of pests and diseases

DPIRD Research Scientist, Dr Chi Cao


Farming Systems: The new WA Farming Systems project research directions.

DPIRD Research Scientist, Dr Martin Harries


Role of legumes in increasing farming systems profitability and longevity of benefits following soil amelioration

DPIRD Research Scientist, Dr George Mwenda


Factors to consider after a dry year 1 – Fertaliser strategies for 2024

DPIRD Research Scientist, Dr Craig Scanlan



Factors to consider after a dry year 2 – Weeds 

DPIRD Research Scientist Alex Douglas


Factors to consider after a dry year – Foliar disease

DPIRD Research Scientist, Geoff Thomas


Factors to consider after a dry year – Soilborne diseases in a dry year and what might happen in 2024

DPIRD Research Scientist Dr Daniel Huberli


Factors to consider after a dry year – Invertebrate pests

DPIRD Research Scientist, Dr Dusty Severtson


Factors to consider after a dry year – Seed size and crop establishment

DPIRD Manager Crop Science and Grain Production Dr Bob French



Grains and the road to carbon neutrality – Opportunities to incorporate carbon farming/sequestration

DPIRD Research Scientist, Mandy Curnow



Managing wheat in stressful environments – Putting high temperature (heat tolerance) and water stress in context

DPIRD Senior Research Scientist, Dr Dion Nicol



Herbicide efficacy following various forms of soil tillage

DPIRD Research Scientist, Tom Edwards



How does soil amelioration affect pre-emergent herbicide efficacy?

DPIRD Research Scientist, Dr Arslan Peerzada 


Deep sowing and  coleoptile length in wheat

DPIRD Senior Research Scientist, Dr Dion Nicol 



Long coleoptile wheat and seeding depth on ameliorated soils

DPIRD Research Scientist Dr Muhammad Javid