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Grower Group Alliance Membership

As the GGA logo states, together we grow. A functional, farmer-led network of WA Grower Groups flanked by aligned associate organisations will attract network scale research and innovation investment into WA.

Benefits of Membership

Local groups engaging with the GGA are visibly positioning themselves to influence, and access opportunities whilst benefitting from enriching interaction with a diversified network of progressive agricultural leaders.

1. Visibility | Organisations aligned with GGA Network are positioning themselves for high visibility. The GGA is a highly valued network with strategic alliances.

2. Influence |GGA members formalise their status as a GGA stakeholder with the ability to make input.

3. Opportunity |Members receive priority access to impactful GGA Brokered Programs and Capacity Building opportunities. View our 2021 Activity Program.

4. Networking|Engagement within the network provides interaction with agricultural leaders and influencers from across WA, the opportunity for cross sector exchange of enriching divergent thinking, collective innovation through inclusive thinking and opportunity for impactful collaborations.

5. Support |Members enjoy the full support of the GGA team behind them, able to access opportunities aligned with each groups individual stage of development, objectives and status in the industry.



Membership applications must be approved by the GGA Board at the next available quarterly meeting. Membership is free and open to groups or individuals who support the objects of GGA which are:

“The objects of the Alliance are to promote the development of agricultural resources in Australia and more particularly through inter alia, activities that assist Grower Group members, and members of members, through liaison coordination and direct action with regard to fostering and bringing about increased production and profitability of commercial farm businesses through the adaption and adoption of new value chain technologies; the delivery of locally relevant research, development and extension, and the provision of support networks for participatory applied research and farmer-to farmer technology and education exchange.”

Who are GGA Members

The Grower Group Alliance is a thriving state-wide network of over 60 local grower groups with a collective membership base exceeding 4,000 WA farm enterprises operating across all sectors of the agriculture industry at all different levels of scale and purpose. Non grower group Associate Members also join GGA for symbiotic, strategic links. Meet the GGA Network.


Membership Classes

Grower Group Member (full voting rights):

A voting Member must be a not-for-profit body corporate (incorporated), generally recognised as either a farmer-driven Grower Group or community-driven agricultural organisation with aims and objectives comparable to a Grower Group, aimed at but not limited to:

  • A strong focus on increasing production and profitability of your member’s farm businesses
  • Adoption of new value chain technologies
  • Delivery of locally relevant research, development and extension
  • Provision of support networks for participatory applied research and farmer‐to‐farmer technology

Associate Group Member (no voting rights):

Non incorporated Grower Groups, who’s constitutional objects align with that of a Grower Group, per the above.

Associate Member (no voting rights):

An Associate member can be an individual person, a business, incorporated or unincorporated body, who whilst not a Grower Group or eligible for voting rights, supports the objects of the GGA.

*Eligibility and classes of membership are defined by the GGA Rules (Constitution)

How to Join GGA

Step 1

In the first instance please discuss eligibility and your organisations objectives for joining GGA with Kallista Bolton (GGA Stakeholder & Communications Manager)

Step 2

Once you have confirmed eligibility and wish to proceed, complete the online Membership Form