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The Grower Group Alliance is integrating open innovation methodologies to support Western Australia’s innovation ecosystem and deliver farmer-led solutions. We address grower-led challenges by bringing together diverse stakeholders across the agricultural industry including grower groups, farmers, researchers, governments, policy makers and industry experts to co-design solutions that transcend traditional boundaries.  

The GGA’s innovation mindset centres around aligning innovative research, capacity development, extension and adoption with the practical needs of the agricultural sector. This strategic alignment ensures that innovation is not confined to laboratories but translates seamlessly into on-the-ground practices. By promoting sustainable, resilient, and adaptive agricultural practices, we continue to support the pursuit of a more robust and future-ready state.  

As a grower-led organisation, we prioritise collaboration and integration to ensure a seamless flow of knowledge and innovation to address grower-led challenges. With a dedicated focus on fostering an innovation ecosystem in WA, GGA actively links networks, connecting innovators and agriculture community needs. This approach ensures capturing and consolidating valuable links, allowing GGA to act as a central hub, facilitating collaborations, and fostering innovation within the agricultural ecosystem.  

Read GGA’s full position statement on innovation models here.

Innovation Projects

The Grower Group Alliance actively engages open innovation through various projects to deliver collaborative, farmer-led solutions. 

Industry-Focused Innovation Projects

In 2022, the Australian Government provided the SW WA Hub with $2.5 million to enable it to expand its remit beyond drought under the Agricultural Innovation Hubs Program. A total […]

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GGA Agricultural Innovation Ecosystem Database


Identifying the composition of an agricultural innovation system within Western Australia presents a formidable challenge. The system involves a multitude of participants, ranging from farmers, researchers, agribusinesses, customers, and policymakers, […]

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Emerge Program Grants


The Emerge program is a pilot pre-incubator run by GGA in partnership with Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO). The program involves a bespoke small grants round to facilitate […]

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To enquire about GGA’s Innovation projects, please contact our Innovation Manager, Joanne Wisdom