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This is a cummary of all current GGA activities across both our Brokered Programs are of work (collaborating R,D&E type projects) and GGA Network Capacity Building work (professional development type projects). 

Diploma of Project Management

MAR 23-25

Accredited Diploma of Project Management Course ideal for research project managers or staff. The course will be run with a three day immersion learning...

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Governance e-course


Back by popular demand starting on April 29, 2022, this is a free, self paced e-course launched in 2021 and was over subscribed with 58 delegates. The course...

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Governance Workshop

MAY 30

An essential workshop for committee members serving on a not-for-profit group. Discover your responsibilities around governance and learn how to lead a group...

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Frost, now and in the future


This project aims to build knowledge informing grower and advisor decisions relative to current seasonal events. A priority is to support and engage with...

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SheepLinks FEED365


The project aims to re-design livestock forage systems for grazing all-year round in Mediterranean environments minimising supplementary feeding.  The...

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WA Farm Data Sharing

2021 - 2024

This project aims to help growers make more sophisticated investment decisions using their own farm data. Initially the model will assess an optimal liming...

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Governance Podcast

The Grower Group Alliance has released a six episode Governance training podcast especially for Grower Group committees and staff in 2021. The series features...

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Benchmark & Build Program

Aims The Benchmark and Build program aims to establish baseline data to measure the functionality, systems, processes, governance and development needs of...

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