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Farmanco ‘in-kind’ Program

As part of a new three-year sponsorship partnership with Farmanco, GGA network members have the opportunity to apply for a portion of an ‘in-kind’ component of the Farmanco sponsorship which GGA has made transferrable to member groups, valued at $17,500 per year for the next three years.

The opportunity

The ‘in kind’ support provided by Farmanco can engage the broad scope of their capabilities, including accessing their staff, expertise or resources, to support GGA or member groups deliver initiatives that provide value to their members.

Groups may have a specific project, event or resource they are delivering and are missing internal capacity that Farmanco could support them with.

The total pool of ‘in-kind’ value available over the three years is $52,500 split into an annual provision of $17,500.

Timeline for ‘Round 2’ submissions

Key dates for Round 2 (2023/24) are shown in the below timeline.

$10,000 from the 2023/24 financial year provision has already been advanced to support the high number of applications received in Round 1.

This leaves $7,500 ‘in-kind’ still available to support projects in Round 2.

Examples for submissions

Farmanco’s services are extensive, here are just some of the potential capabilities grower groups can access for their project submission:

    • Provision of administrative assistance; book keeping or a regular work package of admin
    • Financial services coaching such as budget preparation
    • Use of Farmanco staff for event logistics support; selecting or booking venues for a field day, catering and producing event promotional materials such as flyers
    • Desktop publishing of reports such as research findings or an annual report using Farmanco in house staff trained in Indesign graphic design software
    • Project advice including economic forecasting, data analysis, proposal process
    • Technical expert facilitation/coaching workshops eg. Carbon workshop
    • Design of technical resources or tools of value to a group of wider network eg. Trial host costing methodology, carbon emissions calculations

Review the Farmanco website for details of their full capabilities.

Submission criteria

  • Applicants must be members of the GGA network
  • Proposals must be used toward operations of the group or GGA 
  • Proposals can benefit the applicant group only
  • Proposals or initiatives that can be shared beyond one group with the wider network will be strongly favoured
  • Submissions must fall within Farmanco’s scope of services
  • Activity delivery / use of Farmanco services needs to fall after 1 April ’23 but within the next three years of the partnership term ending 30 June 2025.
  • Groups can submit co-funded proposals where the group matches some of the Farmanco ‘in-kind’ to be used.
  • Significant submissions can be received to be executed in stages that could span over the full three year opportunity. Eg access $5,000 as a Stage 1 year 2023, access a further $5,000 as a Stage 2 for 2024, access another $5,000 as a Stage 3 for 2025.
  • Think big, we encourage groups to submit their grand ideas. Farmanco is looking to develop new sponsorships with individual groups in the GGA network. Your proposal could possibly result in a stand alone Farmanco sponsorship agreement.

Submissions selection panel

The GGA/Farmanco partnership team will review all submissions for the Farmanco ‘in-kind’ program.

Please note, making a submission does not guarantee it will progress to being allocated a portion of the “in-kind” services which may still be fully utilised by GGA for network scale activities where a broader number of stakeholders will benefit.

Left to right – Rikki Foss~GGA CEO, Keith Symondson~Farmanco CEO, Kallista Bolton~GGA SCM, Jo Smallacombe~Farmanco Marketing.


Enquiries to Kaelen Ruland at GGA

Farmanco Projects Manager

Kelly Ryan from Farmanco will be the sponsored projects manager | 0457 000 833

Submissions gallery log

Once submitted, details of your submission will appear in the below gallery.

You will be able to track the number of submissions made from the network as they come in.

If your group has a similar need to an existing proposal and the initiative could be shared with the GGA network as a resource, go ahead and make an independent application but indicate if this is aligned to another groups proposal in the submission form.

Two similar proposals that could be shared with the GGA network and an initiative or resource would be considered high need and high value by the selection panel.

Successful Round 1 Recipients

Of nine applications received in the 2022/23 financial year Round 1, seven were supported.

The seven applications will receive in part or full in-kind support by Farmanco to the total collective value of $27,500.

GGA will utilise all of the 2022/23 program provision of $17,500 and advance $10,000 of the 2023/24 provision, which will leave a pool of $7,500 still available for the next 2023/24 program Round 2.

The below gallery showcases the successful  Round 1 recipient activities supported.