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GGA’s vision is a producer-led system of agricultural innovation, adoption and collaboration.

GGA aims to shape the WA agricultural industry to grow the national agricultural output to $100 billion by 2030. Grower Groups, working together through the Alliance, are in a unique and potentially catalytic position to drive innovation investment from a ground up perspective. Groups will be at the forefront of innovation and adoption; shaping the future for the benefit of all WA producers. The three pillars of GGA strategy are:

  • Build and extend innovative agricultural research, development & extension in WA (R,D&E)
  • Develop the capacity of the Grower Group network 
  • Connect the Grower Group network with industry

60 Groups

The Grower Group Alliance is a thriving state-wide network of over 60 local grower groups with a collective membership base exceeding 4,000 WA farm enterprises operating across all sectors of the agriculture industry at all different levels of scale and purpose.

$4.38m Collaboration

GGA is two years into a four year, $4.38 million, performance based collaboration with the WA Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD). This watershed agreement aims to increase research and innovation that is demand driven, farmer-led via grower groups and based on the WA environment.

Current Activities

GGA is currently collaborating on delivery of ten R,D & E brokered programs valued at $28.9 million and will deliver 15 capacity building activities in 2021 plus multiple resources that support groups to raise their impact.

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