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A $4.38m DPIRD-GGA Collaboration aims to lift investment in demand driven and farmer-led applied agricultural research in Western Australia.

In 2019 the WA Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) and GGA entered into a four year Collaboration agreement valued at $4.38 million through to 2023. This watershed initiative aims to lift the overall investment in demand driven and farmer-led applied agricultural research in WA. The initiative will capitalise on DPIRD’s research capability and leverage the GGA Grower Group Network to drive stronger collaborations between DPIRD, grower groups and the wider industry.

A Team WA approach

The WA grower group network is highly valued by DPIRD and broader industry to objectively test and validate latest research and technologies on farm. Stronger links between grower groups, their members, research providers and agribusiness will:

  • Increase volume of research and innovation that is demand driven, farmer-led via grower groups and based on the WA context and environment
  • Drive innovation and industry change in WA agriculture
  • Lift investment and capability in collaborative, applied ag research, innovation and on-farm application
  • Attract greater research and innovation investment by having a united and vibrant agri-ecosystem
  • Realise benefits to WA and WA farmers through the application of research and innovations

Collaboration focus areas 

Program Development

Working with grower groups to design grower driven, network scale projects and attract investment from strategic partners to drive research and innovation in WA agriculture

 Capacity Building

Supporting groups to be fit, strong and sustainable by
delivering training and development in a systematic, strategic way

 Technology & Innovation

Facilitate opportunities for groups by linking grower groups with innovators and the agtech industry to ensure emerging innovations are relevant to WA farmers

What does this mean for growers and industry?

  • Increased ability for farmers to influence demand-led research ensuring relevance
  • Unity to attract research and innovation investment into WA
  • Build capability of grower groups to engage in the research & innovation ecosystem
  • Advocacy of the grower group network to ensure its value is realised and recognised
  • Strengthen the connection between DPIRD, growers and industry, providing opportunities for DPIRD staff and grower groups to develop skills and networks
  • Connecting DPIRD and grower groups to expanding opportunities within ag-tech
  • Long term sustainability of GGA as a grower group owned and driven organisation to facilitate and provide services for an enhanced grower group network

DPIRD investment

  • Total state government investment over 4 years from 2019-2023 is $4.38m comprising 30% cash funds, 70% DPIRD resources (staff, offices, other resources).
  • GGA Inc retains independence under a skills-based Board.
  • GGA co-located in DPIRD accessible to grower groups, industry and key personnel.