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Grains Podcast

This podcast series focusses on areas of crop protection research and aims to delve deeper into some of the research projects, undertaken by the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD), that target weeds, pests and diseases.

Managing sclerotinia

Host: DPIRD Research Agronomist, Janette Pratt
Guest speaker: DPIRD Plant Pathologist, Ciara Beard

Sclerotinia stem rot is a fungal disease of canola and lupin that can cause significant yield loss. Yield losses can be severe in years of higher moisture and cooler conditions which favours disease development. With foliar fungicide applications not always economical, the decision to spray or not to spray is complex. DPIRD (with co-investment from GRDC) has developed the SclerotiniaCM decision support tool to assist in this process.

Click here to learn more about the SclerotiniaCM App

Native budworm

Host: DPIRD Research Agronomist, Cindy Webster
Guest speaker: DPIRD Technical Officer, Alan Lord

DPIRD (with co-investment from GRDC and other funding bodies) conducts invertebrate trapping surveillance each year to monitor the potential risk of destructive pests to WA crops. One of pests surveyed is the native budworm (Helicoverpa punctigera).

DPIRD carries out both manual and automated pheromone native budworm trapping in WA each year. In this podcast. we focus on the manual pheromone moth trapping program and the benefits it provides to the WA grains industry.

For more information refer to DPIRD’s Native budworm moth trapping in WA page.