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WA Grower Groups are valued at $125 million economic impact per year.

In 2017 the Grower Group Alliance undertook a study to determine both the economic and social contribution of grower groups to the industry, rural communities and the WA economy.

The study estimated WA Grower Groups have contributed a direct $3 billion economic impact to WA in the past three decades.

This is a running average of $125 million economic impact per year collectively across all grower groups.

Grower groups also play a vital role in building social capital and a support network which contributes to general wellbeing and mental health in rural communities.


The Report

Agknowledge and Advanced Choice Economics were engaged to undertake the study, which consisted of a desktop review of grower groups, surveys with farmers (both non-members and members of grower groups), research and development corporations, farm consultants, sponsors and partners. Versions of the report can be viewed via the links below.

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Final Report & Appendices