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Ted Talks

As featured in GGA’s Newletter Newswire, this is a curated set of  TED talks to assist leaders and committee members with progressive thinking around common challenges faced within the Grower Group context.

Conflicts of Interest | Governance themes | Dan Ariely | 5 mins

Dan Ariely highlights the blind spots around conflicts of interest.

How great leaders inspire action | Leadership themes | Simon Sinek | 17 mins

Simon Sinek highlights the power of “why” as a lever for inspired action.

Agree to Disagree? | Collaboration themes | Margaret Heffernan| 12 mins

Uncomfortable with conflict around thinking in your organisation? Could you reframe the conflict process as a fantastic collaborative thinking model? This insightful talk will completely pivot your perception of conflict to see it as a rich, valuable process for secure, productive work groups.

How to Build and Rebuild Trust? | Collaboration themes | Frances Frei | 15.06 mins

The collaborative relationships we all depend on only function where there is trust. Harvard Business School professor Frances Frei gives a crash course in trust, how to build it, maintain it and rebuild it.

How do creative thinkers come up with great ideas? | Adam M. Grant |15 mins

Are you providing room for diverse creative processes in your organisation? A humorous and compelling business case from the psychologist, author, and professor, Adam Grant explaining how last-minute concept formulation is a valid method for allowing the widest range of creative solutions in execution.

How to turn a group of strangers into a team | Amy Edmondson | 13 mins

Watch this compelling case study for people working together for short periods. Relates to workgroups or committee context. The talk demonstrates people power when a combination of humility and curiosity is brought to the context of a challenge.

How diversity makes teams more innovative | Rocío Lorenzo | 11 mins

A thought-provoking business case for diversity. Without a diverse & inclusive team innovation is challenging. Diversity includes many elements (gender, age, education, skillset, cultural, socio-economic etc), but even a shift in just one can be a game-changer.

Forget the pecking order at work | Margaret Heffernan | 15 mins

A captivating talk explaining how outstanding collaboration within groups is founded on social cohesion and a culture of helpfulness which triggers ideas to flow & grow. Great analogy to a scientific study on chickens thrown in here too!

How generational stereotypes hold us back at work | Leah Georges | 11 mins

Watch until the end. Funny and insightful talk on letting go of generational stereotyping in the workplace. Age diversity relations present as a common challenge in our industry whether it be the next generation coming into the family enterprise or chasing a good age mix of volunteers on Grower Group committees that function together well.

3 ways to measure your adaptability | Natalie Fratto | 6 mins

Move over IQ & EQ, meet AQ. Adaptability Quotient is a new term to consider. Unlearning is also a concept that seems like backtracking but is a key ingredient identified for innovation. Enjoy this 6 minute TED talk reflecting on the relevance of adaptability and unlearning in today’s Agricultural Industry mindset.