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Innovation Expansion Program

The Grower Group Alliance is exploring an Open Innovation project methodology to support the WA innovation ecosystem pursue producer-led challenge solutions.

Open Innovation is a collaborative approach to involving stakeholders such as farmers, researchers, and technology providers, to jointly develop and share knowledge to address industry challenges.

Producers possess a deep understanding of the challenges and risks they encounter, however, finding effective solutions can be difficult. From paddock to plate our industry grapples with a range of complex problems. The ever-evolving nature of these challenges necessitates constant innovation.

However, “for Australian agriculture to reach its ambition of becoming a $100 billion industry by 2030, it needs a paradigm shift…while operational and incremental pre-farmgate improvements will continue to play a role in agriculture innovation, they won’t deliver the step changes necessary for a $100 billion industry” 

AgriFutures 2021

Open innovation model for agriculture

Current Innovation Projects

GGA’s innovation stream of work has begun with a series of GGA projects and support for a range of innovation projects led by external stakeholders mobilised by grants enabled through a significant GGA’s project, the South-West WA Drought Resilience Adoption and Innovation Hub

GGA Led Projects

GGA Agricultural Innovation Ecosystem Map

This ecosystem map identifies innovation players in the Western Australian agricultural sector and adjacent industries to increase their visibility.

Access this project here

Emerge Innovation Grants

Do you have an idea to make your business more drought resilient? Grants valued between $2,000 and $10,000 are available to growers ready to take a paddock idea to the R&D phase.

Access project here.

Water Quality Testing Technology Project

GGA has designed an Open Innovation project to consider on-farm monitoring of water quality in relation to herbicide efficacy and to explore options to help farmers make best practice choices regarding water use for spraying.

Access project here.

Industry Focussed Innovation Projects

Partner with us

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The best GGA contact for this body of extension work is Jo Wisdom joanne.wisdom@gga.org.au


Posted on

30 Nov 2023