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GGA Agricultural Innovation Ecosystem Database

Identifying the composition of an agricultural innovation system within Western Australia presents a formidable challenge. The system involves a multitude of participants, ranging from farmers, researchers, agribusinesses, customers, and policymakers, each contributing to its complexity. It resembles solving an intricate puzzle, requiring a comprehensive understanding of the roles and interactions among various stakeholders.

Attempting to outline the system provides a clearer understanding of the system’s structure and operation, aiding in targeted interventions and resource allocation. GGA has built a dynamic database of over 500 innovation players in the Western Australian agricultural sector and adjacent industries to increase their visibility. These insights foster collaboration and enable stakeholders to devise tailored strategies to address challenges and leverage opportunities.

The database is organised into a hierarchy of categories crafted to aid individuals seeking assistance in accelerating their innovation. It does so by providing an overview of the types of organisations they can collaborate with to obtain the specific support they require.

The novelty of this approach is that the database is a tool to help different players in the innovation ecosystem connect purposefully with one another. The database has a facility to identify what this entity might be able to provide to a collaborative project including high-level strategic advice, understanding of the challenge, research and development capabilities, technical implementation prowess, options for investment, access to potential markets and customers, adoption and extension support, and keeping informed with new technologies and innovations.

To visualize the complexity, we have taken a subsection from each category and displayed these in a static map. The individuals identified are examples, not an exhaustive list, and we invite you to add your details to our database if they are missing by scanning the QR code and scrolling to the database.

This activity signifies a significant step towards data-driven decision-making to build collaborative projects and underscores GGA’s commitment to leveraging technology for industry advancement.

Innovation Database

The database is currently comprised of over 500 organisations. Use this resource to browse for partners to build collaborative projects.

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Posted on

24 Apr 2023