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GGA Agricultural Innovation Ecosystem Map


This ecosystem map identifies innovation players in the Western Australian agricultural sector and adjacent industries to increase their visibility. It is designed to accelerate access to funding, expertise, research, and partners to enhance innovation in the agriculture sector.

Who is this for?

This map is purposefully crafted to aid individuals seeking assistance in accelerating their innovation by providing an overview of the types of organisations they can collaborate with to obtain the specific support they require. The individuals identified are examples, not an exhaustive list.

What are we trying to do?

Design an ecosystem mapping tool by building upon the surveying of the innovation ecosystem already completed by the GGA and other Australian agricultural groups.

Master Directory

The Master Directory is currently comprised of over 500 organisations. Use this resource to browse for partners to build collaborative projects.

Join the ecosystem

If you would like to apply for your organisation to feature on the Master Directory, complete the form below.


Enquiries to Joanne Wisdom at GGA


Posted on

24 Apr 2023