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WA Farm Data Sharing

This project aims to help growers make more sophisticated investment decisions using their own farm data. Initially the model will assess an optimal liming strategy, however could later be adapted to soil amelioration investments,  insurance evaluations,  property valuations or securing banking loans.

Food Agility CRC  funded project delivered in collaboration with DPIRD, Curtin University and GGA, the project development was guided by consultation with grower groups, growers, agronomists, farm consultants, agtech and data providers over 10 months. 

The  project is developing a data transfer infrastructure leveraging DPIRD’s eConnect platform, which will seamlessly transfer data from the growers’ farm management software to the model and then return it to the grower using APIs.

A whole of farm Monte Carlo simulation model will be created that ingests farm management records and generates thousands of scenarios allowing the model to account for seasonal variability in weather and commodity prices. This provides certainty regarding the optimal strategy and the risks associated with it.

Project Updates

Update 8 – Balwinder Singh’s global journey with agricultural data modelling | December 2023

Update 7 – WAFDS – Where we are at | September 2023
Update 6 – New industry Partner brings fresh perspectives | August 2022
Update 5 – Bringing a trusted data agent to your corner | March 2022
Update 4 – The great lime conundrum| Jan 2022
Update 3 – Unlocking the value in data |Dec 2021
Update 2 – Interview with team lead, Dr Adam Sparks |Nov 2021
Update 1 – Early adopter community established | Oct 2021
Launch – Early adopter soft launch | July 2021


Data Security Policy

The WA Farm Data Sharing project is following the guidelines of the Food Agility CRC Data Policy. This policy ensures data privacy and mitigation for data breaches and observes the National Policy Act. DPIRD is currently working through accreditation with the Food Agility CRC which will provide strong governance for this project.

Food Agility Best Practice Data Policy


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To be involved with this project contact Alison Lacey at GGA.

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27 May 2021