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Hands On Precision Agriculture Training Workshops

In February & March 2021 the grower group alliance in partnership with the following grower groups, ran a series of introductory Precision Agriculture (PA) workshops.

Yuna Farming Improvement Group

Lakes Information & Farming Technology

Fitzgerald Biosphere Group

Southern Dirt

Liebe Group

Facey Group

West Midlands Group

Bruce Rock LCDC

Mingenew Irwin Group

The workshops were highly rated and included local growers sharing their experience (the good, the bad, and the ugly), economic examples, data layers to identify and manage variability, and a look at software options. Based on participants feedback at the introductory workshop, planning has commenced for the follow-up workshops running from July-September 2021. Dates and workshop details to be announced shortly.

Facilitators: Bindi Isbister (Northern) , Alice Butler & Blake O’Meagher (Southern)

*GRDC Project# SPA2001-001SAX

Contact: Michelle Condy


Posted on

15 Feb 2021