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Precision Agriculture Training Workshops

This project support growers to access precision agriculture training through a series of hands-on workshops run through 2021.

A GRDC funded national project led by SPAA, GGA will collaborate with grower groups to host workshops bringing together local dealers, PA experts, and software providers to demonstrate PA using the tools growers have.  Activities will vary for each location based upon feedback but could include getting data in and out of monitors, creating prescriptions, setting up management trees and paddock boundaries.

This is a second round of workshops in the series open to new and returning participants, no experience or prior attendance necessary. 

Workshop Dates

Once registered for a workshop, you’ll be sent a quick a survey so we know what equipment you use and what you’d like to learn. Please complete this to ensure the right people are available on the day to answer your questions. 

Yuna Farming Improvement Group – June 17 12.30-5.30pm

Facey Group & Corrigin Farming Improvement Group –  Yealering – July 28th 12.30-5.00pm

Bruce Rock LCDC – July 29th – 12-4.30pm

Southern Dirt – August 9 – 12.30-5pm 

Fitzgerald Biosphere Group – August 10  – 12.30-5pm

Lakes Information & Farming Technology – August 11 – 1-5pm

West Midlands Group – Sept 15 – 12.30-4:30pm 

Liebe Group –  Sept 20th – 12.30-4.30pm

Women in Farming – Ongerup – Sept 17th – details TBC 

Facilitators: Bindi Isbister (Northern) , Alice Butler & Blake O’Meagher (Southern)

GGA Contact: Michelle Condy

*GRDC Project# SPA2001-001SAX

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29 Apr 2021