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NGN – Frost Management Workshops and Field Days

This project aims to build knowledge informing grower and advisor decisions relative to current seasonal events. A priority is supporting and engaging with growers inexperienced with frost and underprepared to manage effects on their profitability.

A GRDC project investment, GGA will co-ordinate delivery of activities in collaboration with, DPIRD and consultants to extend outcomes of previous frost R&D investments plus further develop knowledge around decisions relative to current seasonal events.



Host a pre-seeding frost planning workshop:

Pre-seeding frost planning workshop series are available to run in regional locations on demand.

Farmers attending can develop a personal frost management plan with guidance from experts in the room and access the latest in frost strategy.

Lodge an EOI to have a frost workshop near you in the below form….

Workshop Expression of Interest



In this episode of Grains Convo, Cindy Webster hosts DPIRD Research Scientist Amanuel Bekuma, as they go through an overview of DPIRD’s research being showcased at the Grains Research Updates 2024 (GRU 24′) Amanuel shares his insights into managing Ice Nucleating Bacteria to mitigate frost damage in crops, while sharing success in DPIRD’s work in developing new protocols for rapidly testing chemicals that reduce frost damage.

A recording of the GRDC Grains Research Update online is available here

During her presentation, Julianne Lilley mentioned that companies interested in the outcomes of their project and growers/agronomists interested in ground truthing could contact her via julianne.lilley@csiro.au

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25 Jun 2024