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Good to Great Public Speaking Workshop

Learn how to communicate a message with impact and influence in a hands on one day workshop on August 19, 2022 with renowned public speaking coach Esther Jones.

This workshop covers anatomy of a good speech, engagement techniques and elements of polished delivery including power points. This is ideal for anyone in the spotlight that has to do some form of public speaking and communicate a message.

Back by popular demand, GGA ran it’s first ever Public Skills workshop with Esther Jones in 2021 with 26 delegates registered. The experience was a game changer for most, it’s a hands on participatory learning experience.

In a fun, supportive environment, many participants have the opportunity to take the stage to practice the skills and techniques as they are being learnt during the day.

About the Workshop

This is a hands on immersion learning workshop that provides a new way of thinking about what to say and how to say it from a podium.

We look at all the elements that are required to be great on stage – and then we build on the theory with a series of exercises and examples, so that participants get to taste what it’s like to re-shape both their speech design and delivery.

While we don’t turn you into a TedEx Speaker in a day, we most certainly give you the motivation to invest the time and practice it takes to be an awesome speaker and the initial set of tools to start becoming that.


• Please come with a short work-related speech in mind/under development. It must be something that you would realistically be asked to do/say. It need be no more than an idea/concept – but we will use the workshop to develop it.

• You are encouraged to bring a laptop to create small examples in Powerpoint (but not essential if Powerpoint is not something you’d likely use).

Course Content


• Characteristics of great speakers and how to ‘be like them’

• Why it’s worth taking the time to be great on stage

• Working with and building on your strengths on stage

• Dealing with your weaknesses on stage

The art of determining what to say

• Why ‘less’ is hard, but essential

• The power of the three

• The art of creating a story with soul

• The essential element of being incredibly clear with your message so people can actually recall it!

Performance – the how of what you say

• Golden rules of Powerpoint, so it becomes your aid, not your crutch

• Stage pizzaz:

• The smile

• The eye contact

• The speed of delivery

• The energy

• Getting the technology right for you

Putting it into practice

• Expect to be ‘on stage’ throughout the day, putting the lessons into practice.


This workshop is open to the wider ag industry with priority places for grower groups. Attendance last year was around half from grower groups and half from industry and was a great networking opportunity. The blended participation also enriches the learning experience.


The workshop will be run at the Padoga Resort in South Perth. Accommodation is available the night before, click through to Ticketing web page on Eventbrite for details.


Fees for a GGA Network delegate are $250+ GST per person / industry ticket $300+ GST per person.

Fee includes catering / venue / instructor for the whole day.


Enquiries for 2022 workshop to Kallista Bolton


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15 May 2022