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Governance e-course [2024]

A self-paced e-course ideal for new or experienced committee members or staff of not-for-profit groups. The online format supports those who prefer to study from the convenience of their home with content comprising six easy-paced modules involving 9 hours study in total and optional participation in three live Q&A sessions over a six week period.


Sound Governance is the foundation of a healthy, functional not for profit organisation and your committee, volunteers and staff can improve impact in your community with up-to-date governance training. Key benefits of this course include:

  • Understand your role and obligations on the board of your not-for-profit
  • Improve the performance of the board and organisation
  • Deepen your understanding of governance so that you can help grow your incorporated organisation
  • Learn alongside others who share common not-for-profit challenges
  • Access insights from committee/board members with extensive experience in governance featured within the course content


Total study is around 9 hours with all content released up front with a recommended pace of completing one module every week.

Three optional support Q&A tutorials are also delivered, one orientation session, one Q&A session three weeks in, and a final Q&A session at week six.

Late participants can join in after the course has launched, however it is the responsibility of the participant to catch up and be engaged in the learning process.

2024 Modules & Tutorial Dates

Proposed module dates –

Module 1- Introduction to Not for Profit governance including Constitutions *[2 August join a live Orientation tutorial 1-2pm online]

Module 2 – Navigating key documents

Module 3 – Financials *[16 August join a live Q&A tutorial online 1-2pm]

Module 4 – Volunteers and Employees

Module 5 – Strategy

Module 6 – Performance * [6 September join a live Q&A tutorial online 1-2pm]

Participant Time Commitment

It’s estimated you will need around 1- 2 hours every week (12 hours total).

You will need to:

  1. Have time to read, prepare and reflect on fundamental governance principles (allow up to 1 hour)
  2. Have time to view modules (1 hour) and support resources
  3. Have the ability to participate or playback three online support tutorials
  4. Commit to transferring the knowledge gained to your not-for-profit once modules are completed
  5. Material is accessible 6 months past the course completion

Community Groups Welcome

The GGA Governance training program is sponsored by CBH Group as part of their regional community investment program so is also open to members of the public involved with not-for-profit groups outside of the agriculture industry such as school P&C’s, footy club, swim clubs, RSL, regional community event committees etc. Attendance by a diverse mixture of volunteers from community groups that face common challenges enriches the cohort with valuable peer-to-peer experience sharing during the training.

Learning Methods

  • Recorded and live sessions
  • Slides
  • Online tools and hard copy resources for each module
  • Questions during the presentation
  • Interviews in each module
  • Pop up quizzes post
  • Relevant statistics and data for NFPs aligned to each module
  • Checklists


There is space for 70 delegates in the 2024 intake. 35 places are specifically set aside for GGA Network members.

Remaining places available for community leaders and employees of incorporated associations, such as those from community and sporting associations and clubs wishing to extend their governance skills. Spread the word!

*If interest is very strong we may need to restrict participants to a maximum of 4 per group/organisation.


It’s free for staff/committee/volunteers serving regional WA not-for-profit groups.

As part of their generous commitment to growing governance capability and building strong regional WA communities, workshop participation is sponsored by CBH Group.

Tuition and inclusions are valued at $330 per person.

If you would like to do the course and are not a regional volunteer or involved with a regional NFP above you are still able to join in but a $330 participant fee may apply.


Contact Kallista Bolton to discuss if this relates to you: kbolton@gga.org.au | 0421 623 406

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19 Mar 2024