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Membership Strategy Webinar Series

Information packed two-part webinar series to cross-check your groups current membership strategy to achieve an engaged membership. Six hours of high value content will be split into two three hour webinars on, Feb 1st plus Feb 8th 2022. With the support of CBH Group, the event is open to the public and regional community not-for-profit goups are encouraged to attend.

Content in the free two part webinar series will be presented by renowned membership advisor Belinda Moore of Strategic Membership Solutions (Queensland based). The first webinar combining Membership strategy plus membership trends and tips, the second a membership model audit with a member value framework.

Getting membership strategy wrong can spell the end of the road, or a road ahead with a lot of pain, limited resources and the start of a downward spiral for a not-for-profit group. Getting it right is the total opposite. This is an encore appearance, Belinda Moore delivered at GGA’s Forum’21 and was the most highly valued presenter and requested back by groups for a deeper dive into this vital area of their business.

Webinar 1
(1 Feb, via zoom 9.30am – 12.30pm – presented at ‘Lift Off’ two day training retreat)

A Guide to Creating A Practical and Realistic Membership Strategy – A great membership strategy articulates a compelling membership goal and maps a clear pathway detailing how the association will reach that goal. It is an excellent tool for focusing your time and financial resources towards a logical series of activities that will ensure strong results. Delegates will leave this session armed with tips for maximising the success of their membership efforts – and a draft membership strategy they can start applying immediately.

Webinar 2
(8 Feb via zoom 9.30am – 12.30pm)

A Practical Guide to Ensuring Your Membership Model Delivers Powerful Value – Delivering powerful, compelling, and sustainable value to members doesn’t happen by accident. Many factors influence how successful you are at recruiting, retaining, and engaging members. The most fundamental is your Membership Model. Your Membership Model is the foundation upon which all aspects of your membership program – as well as the majority of your association operations – are built. Register for this webinar if you are interested in learning about:

• Characteristics of successful membership frameworks,

• Trends & types of membership frameworks,

• Developing membership categories & pricing,

• Creating a compelling value proposition, and

• Aligning value, benefits, and features to each category.

Delegates will leave this session having been given the tools to undertake a Membership Model Audit and having developed their own draft Member Value Framework.


Thanks to full sponsorship by CBH Group, there will be no cost to participate in this webinar series. The series will be open to the community as well as GGA Network and wider ag industry as part of the CBH commitment to development of regional communities under their Community Chest program.

Guest Presenter Bio

Belinda Moore |sms

Belinda Moore is speaker, author, researcher, consultant, & facilitator specialising in associations.

Known for her enthusiastic and engaging style, Belinda is frequently engaged by associations to facilitate organisational and membership strategy development. Belinda is a skilled facilitator who ensures the desired outcomes from planning sessions are achieved both within time and exceeding expectations. Using insights from her personal and professional experiences over more than 25 years working with associations, she ensures participants walk away with practical ideas and insights they can immediately apply.

Belinda has written four books: The Membership Machine, Membership Fundamentals, The Membership Managers’ Handbook, and Association Annie: Herding Cats. She authored the white papers Associations Evolve, Association Apocalypse, Membership is Dead?, COVID & Beyond Research Paper, and writes the popular Association Annie comic strips.

Belinda’s current work is focused on research and strategic planning for associations through her consultancy Strategic Membership Solutions. She is also a Director at Answers for Associations (an online community for association professionals), and Trybz (an online community building tool for associations).

Browse Belindas company here

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19 Apr 2020