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Frost, now and in the future

GGA will collaborate with grower groups, DPIRD and consultants on this $210,000 project to extend and apply outcomes of previous frost research and development (R&D) investments plus share and build knowledge to inform grower and advisor decisions relative to event responses. A priority is growers inexperienced with frost and underprepared to manage the effects on their profitability.

Field Day Presentations

During the 2021 growing season, experienced frost consultants can be arranged through the Grower Group Alliance for a “pop-up” paddock walk or to address field days in localities that have suffered significant frost events this season. The experts are able to share knowledge to inform grower decisions relative to frost events. The priority for this free service is growers in localities that are intermittently affected by frost, who are inexperienced or under-prepared to manage the effects on their profitability

2021 Frost ID ‘Pop-Up’ Field Walks

15 September 2021, 10am at Bencubbin, 3pm at Nungarin | Host MADFIG
30 September 2021, in Yilgarn area

Frost Resources

Extensive resources for technical frost management are available through DPIRD and GRDC .


To inquire about a post frost event ‘pop up’ paddock walk or a field day presentation contact:  
GGA Program Manager Mark Holland: 0429 202 393 |  

Frost tracking Data

Above: 2021 frost season | Interpretation – darkest purple >12 means greater than 12 events per September.

Frost tracking 2020

August – October 2020

2016 Benchmark

Frost ID Management Resources

More DPIRD resources at Season 2021
GRDC Suite of Frost Management Resources

47 Years of Historic Frost Records

Historical insights in the DPIRD maps below show the increasing severity, occurrence, and footprint of frost events over the past 45 years and that we are one year closer to the next bad frost season. More details to on the 2021 Frost Mitigation Planning workshops in due course.

2021 Pre-seeding workshops

In the 2021 season, growers were supported with a series of pre-seeding workshops/presentations hosted by grower groups in 9 regional locations. The latest research and strategies to minimise the impact of frost on profit was presented and participants had the opportunity to develop their own personal 2021 frost management plan with input and guidance from experts attending.

Project Collaborators

Partners: GRDC, DPIRD, Tarwonga Pty Ltd, (Combined Garren Knell/ConsultAG), Combined Agronomic Service, Facey Group, FBG, STC, MADFIG, SEPWA, LIFT, Holt Rock Group, Southern Dirt.


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30 May 2021