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Introduction to Agronomy e-course [2022]

Fill technical agronomy knowledge gaps with affordable access to Planfarms Introduction to Agronomy training course.

Partnering with GGA, Planfarm is offering a 50 per cent discount for staff or committee from GGA Network groups to enrol in Planfarm’s renowned Introduction to Agronomy Course before June 30. The course supports grower groups to fill technical knowledge gaps for their staff and committee working in the broadacre agricultural context.


Course RRP is $715 per person, and using the Planfarm 50 per cent discount brings the cost down to $357.50. There is no cap on the number of staff and committee that can utilise the Planfarm coupon code.

For GGA voting member Grower Groups, GGA is offering a further 50 percent rebate on the discounted $357.50 enrolment cost for up to 20 groups on completion of the course. Put simply, after both the Planfarm discount and the GGA rebate, this translates to accessing the course at $178.75 per person.

A limit of 20 rebates are available under the GGA offer which closes June 30.


This offer is in response recent GGA annual Capacity Building Survey which showed over 40 per cent of groups are seeking support for agronomy training for their staff and committee. As an established learning platform, the Planfarm Academy courses come highly recommended within the WA agriculture industry. The Introduction to Agronomy course is ideal for those with no formal agricultural or science training and will

Course Details

Taking approximately three hours to complete, the video module component of the course is made up of 12 self paced modules of 20 mins each. We will then meet face-to-face to discuss the content in more detail in a the ‘Big Tutorial’ (see details below). Designed for people with no formal training in the field of agronomy, although fully qualified, practicing agronomists have also taken the course and loved it. The course will provide a greater understanding of broadacre farming agronomy delivered by experienced agronomists.

Who is it for?

All ages, genders and abilities, however it is best suited to the young to middle age farmer or agricultural industry worker who has not received formal agronomy training. Click through to hear more about the course from Planfarm.

Big Tutorial at ‘Lift Off’ Training Retreat

There is no rush to complete the three hours of course content. However those that complete it by February 2, 2022 will benefit greatly from a “Big Tutorial’ being delivered by Planfarm at GGA’s new two-Day training retreat ‘Lift Off’ on February 1 and 2, 2022.

In line with the Planfarm ‘flipped classroom’ model, students firstly work through the content independently, then come face-to-face to revise the content. The ‘Big Tutorial’ session will revise all 12 modules of the Introduction to Agronomy Course, giving delegates the opportunity to clarify, consolidate and extend learning. These face-to-face sessions bring to life the content, fully qualified, practicing agronomists have also taken the course and loved it.

For those that haven’t completed the course, you are still welcome to join the ‘Big Tutorial’ half day session at the two-day training retreat in February. For those that cant attend ‘Lift Off’ two-day retreat, you can complete the course tutorial attending one of Planfarms public webinars scheduled for later in February.

Free Trial

Planfarm offer a free trial of a Module in the course before needing to purchase the entire course. To opt into this offer complete the form at their page and get started.


To opt into the Planfarm 50% discount offer email Kallista Bolton at GGA for the Planfarm coupon code to purchase your enrolment.


For clarification around this offer contact Kallista Bolton at GGA on 0421 623 406.

GGA Member Rebate Eligibility

GGA voting member Grower Groups eligible for the further GGA rebate on half the enrolment costs are listed below. There is a limit of 20 rebates. Groups opting into the offer with more than one enrolment may be eligible for a GGA second rebate should we have unused rebates remaining. Once you have enrolled in the Planfarm course using the Planfarm 50% coupon code, simply notify Kallista Bolton from GGA how many enrolments you have made and GGA will manage a rebate log to keep track of rebate availability.

Agricultural Women Wheatbelt East (AWWE)
Association for Sheep Husbandry Excellence Evaluation & Production Inc (ASHEEP)
Certified Organic Biodynamic Western Australia Inc (COBWA)
Compass Agricultural Alliance
Corrigin Farm Improvement Group
Esperance Zone Innovation Group (EZI)
Facey Group
Far Eastern Agricultural Research Group (FEAR)
Fitzgerald Biosphere Group
Gascoyne Catchments Group
Gillamii Centre
Kimberley Pilbara Cattlemen’s Association
Liebe Group Inc (LIEBE)
Lower South West Grower Group
Merredin & Districts Farm Improvement Group (MADFIG)
Mingenew Irwin Group (MIG)
Moora Miling Pasture Improvement Group
Morawa Farm Improvement Group
Mortlock Ag Focus Group
Mullewa Dryland Farmers Initiative
Noongar Land Enterprise Group
North Stirlings Pallinup Natural Resources
Northern Agri Group
Nyabing Farm Improvement Group
O’Connor Research Group
Oil Mallee Association of Australia
Ravensthorpe Agricultural Initiative Network (RAIN)
South East Premium Wheat Growers Association (SEPWA)
Southern Dirt Incorporated
Southern Rangelands Pastoral Alliance
Stirlings to Coast Farmers
Sweeter Banana Co-operative
Toodyay Agricultural Alliance
Turf Growers Association of Western Australia (Inc.)
WA Hemp Growers’ Co-op Ltd
WA No-Tillage Farming Assoc (WANTFA)
WA Regenerative Livestock Producers
West Midlands Group
Western Australian Lot Feeders Association
Western Beef Assoc Inc
Wheatbelt Integrity Group (WIG)
Women in Farming Inc
Yuna Farm Improvement Group



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20 Apr 2020