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Risk Wi$e – The National Risk Management Initiative

The National Risk Management Initiative aims to understand and improve the risk-reward outcomes for Australian grain growers by supporting grower on-farm decision-making. RiskWi$e (the National Risk Management Initiative) is a five-year, $30 million national investment by GRDC that will run from 2023 to 2028. The project will take a Participatory Action Research (PAR) approach involving a network of 26 grower groups, 10 research partners, and six research group leads nation-wide.

Nationwide, RiskWi$e is conducted in partnership with grower groups, six action research group leads, research/extension partners, CSIRO and the Grains Research Development Corporation (GRDC).

In Western Australia, GGA is leading RiskWi$e work on decision making on nitrogen and sowing decisions and machinery investment in collaboration with 8 Western Australian grower group project partners including, Stirlings to Coast Farmers, South-East Premium Wheat Growers Association (SEPWA), Facey Group, Corrigin Farm Improvement Group (CFIG), Western Australian No-Tillage Farmers Association (WANTFA), Liebe Group, West Midlands Group (WMG), and Mingenew Irwin Group (MIG).

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$30 million to reduce risk for grain growers

“Seasonal conditions, paddock considerations, cash flow, labour availability, market opportunities and business goals all come into play when you’re deciding what to grow each year,” Mr Woods says.

“Farming is an increasingly complex operation and GRDC recognises this and has been working with industry to understand how we can better support growers to manage risk and build enduring, sustainable enterprises.”

“RiskWi$e aims to give growers and their advisers the tools to evaluate potential risks and rewards, and develop an holistic and integrated approach to risk management,”

“RiskWi$e goes beyond just analysing risk. It is based around engaging with the most important farm-level decision-making challenges raised by growers and advisers, and then jointly coming up with practical ways to inform and boost confidence when tackling those decisions.”

(GRDC Groundcover, 23 Aug, 2023)


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04 Sep 2023